Snooza Fabric Crash Slab

Snooza Fabric Beds - Non Slip Water Resistant Base

The Snooza fabric bed has a 7cm thick Poly Pad which provides good support but is also very comfortable.


High quality check upholstery fabric, the mat can go anywhere

The cover is removable via a zip and the cover is machine washable at 30 degrees, the bed base has dimples and is non slip and water resistant.


Ideal for the back of the car (4x4)

Available Sizes:


Size 1 - 61cm x 46cm x 7cm

Size 2 - 76cm x 53cm x 7cm

Size 3 - 92cm x 61cm x 7cm

Size 4 - 107cm x 69cm x 7cm

Size 5 - 122cm x 76cm x 7cm

Made In United Kingdom

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