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Waterproof Orthopaedic Dog Bed Duvet Memory Foam CRUMB Filling

Ideal for young and older animals


  • Waterproof Mattress Memory Foam Crumb Filled - Durable
  • Hair & Dirt Resistant
  • Odour Resistant
  • Flea & Mite Resistant
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Mite & Flea Resistant
  • Durable 600 Denier Fabric - Longer Lasting

When it comes to the health of a dog bones and joints, one of the best types of beds for dogs is the orthopaedic bed.


The value of a good of a dog bed lies in how effectively the bed supports your dogs body.


All our Dog Beds are hand made to order, sizes are approx.

The bed provides support and comfort, it minimizes pressure points on bones and joints for a better quality sleep. Less pressure points means better blood circulation which benefits the whole body.


  • Waterproof dirt and odour resistant
  • Flea & Mite Resistant
  • Super Comfortable Memory Foam Crumb
  • Easy Washing - Removable Cover

Made in United Kingdom

Waterproof Memory Foam CRUMB Dog Duvet Various Sizes - Colours

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