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Quality Non Slip Vet Bedding

High quality vet bedding made in UK, this is a hygienic vet bedding it is non irritant and non-allergic pile.
Recommended & used by UK vets and through out the world

The vet bedding is machine washable simply wash @ 90°c or simply jet wash
Quick drying - can be tumble dryed or just allow to drip dry.

A super thick extra deep pile for heat retention keeps your pet warm and cosy
Double woven backing makes it much harder to chew. (But is Not Chewproof)

This vet bedding is ideal for use in pet baskets on top of existing dog beds or in your cars, pet the rubber non slip base means its ideal for wooden or tiled floors.
Vet Bedding that keeps your pets warm and dry, this vet bedding can be used throughout your Pets Life.

The GB Pet Beds Non Slip Vet Bedding is the Professional Vets 1st Choice !

Sold in Full Rolls - Half Rolls or:
cut in the following sizes:

100cm x 75cm
150cm x 100cm

Made in United Kingdom

Vet Bedding Non Slip Active UK Made

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