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Check Memory Foam 5" Thick Slab - Waterproof Bed Base


Memory Foam Slab Dog Beds with quality upholstery fabric 


+ FREE Waterproof Protective Inner Liner - Covers the Memory Foam Worth £25

Memory foam dog bed with quality fabric, and waterproof bed base.. 

All the orthopaedic benefits of memory foam and these beds are deal for older pets.


The bed is hand made in the UK



  • 100% Memory Foam 5" Thick Slab

  • Molds to your dogs shape, ideal for older dogs 

  • Free Waterproof Inner Liner that protects the memory foam slab - Others companies sell this as an extra from £25

  • Covers are removable for machine washing at 30 degrees

  • Bed base is waterproof and durable


Made In United Kingdom


Fabric Memory Foam 5" Thick Slab Various Colours - Sizes

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