100% Memory Foam SLAB Dog Beds

Luxury, speciality and orthopaedic dog beds incorporate the use of memory foam, for dogs who are recovering from illness, arthritic, overweight, elderly, incontinent, suffer joint or muscular pain, or who simply like the best sleep ever.


Memory foam is temperature and pressure sensitive, hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. 


Memory Foam dog beds provide orthopedic and anatomical support.


When it comes to the health of a dog’s bones and joints, one of the best types of beds for dogs is the orthopaedic bed. The value of a “true” of a dog bed lies in how effectively the bed supports your dog’s body.​

All our memory foam beds have an inner protective water resistant cover

  • Waterproof Top Quality Orthopaedic High Denisty 100% Memory Foam Slab Mattress

  • 6 inches (15cm) Thickness of 100% Memory Foam or

  • 3 inches (7cm) Thickness of 100% Memory Foam

  • Why is our bed different? Double protection - 2 waterproof covers -  Outer cover is super stong and durable 600denier & pu coated - the inner cover is a breathable water resistant zip off mattress protector

  • Hair & Dirt Resistant

  • Odour Resistant

  • Flea & Mite Resistant

  • 100% Water Resistant

  • UV Resistant

  • Velcro not zips to secure, for longer lasting beds!

  • Mite & Flea Resistant

  • All Over Waterproof Cover - Includes the bed base!

  • Beds that are made to last longer.

Available in the following sizes:

Size 1 - 75cm x 50cm x 15cm

Size 2 - 90cm x 60cm x 15cm

Size 3 - 100cm x 70cm x 15cm

Size 4 - 125cm x 80cm x 15cm

Size 5 - 150cm x 80cm x 15cm

Please Note:  We use 100% high density finest quality memory foam slabs, other manufacturers use a thin memory foam topper with a cheap base foam which makes up the bulk of the thickness, 

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